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Sales Team

Peter Cook
VP of Sales
Phone: 401-724-3000 Ext 3014
E-Mail: Peter.cook@murdockwebbing.com

Mike BoisvertMike Boisvert
New England & Canada Regional Salesperson
Phone: 401-724-3000 Ext 3011
E-Mail: mike.boisvert@murdockwebbing.com

Ken CoeKen Coe
Midwest & West Coast Regional Salesperson
Phone: 401-500-0994
E-Mail: ken.coe@murdockwebbing.com

Customer Service Team

Carole LapanCarole Lapan
Phone: 401-724-3000 Ext 3005
E-Mail: carole.lapan@murdockwebbing.com

Susan ChaseSue Chase
Phone: 401-724-3000 Ext 3065
E-Mail: susan.chase@murdockwebbing.com

Office/Credit Manager

Elizabeth DaSilva
Phone: 401-724-3000 Ext 3004
E-Mail: elizabeth.dasilva@murdockwebbing.com

Accounts Payable

Dianne Soltren

Phone: 401-724-3000 Ext 3047
E-Mail: dianne.soltren@murdockwebbing.com