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Fall protection has been a steady part of Murdock Webbing’s business for many years. We have established a reputation for delivering quality products and bringing new innovative ideas to this increasingly competitive market.
We offer an extensive line of harness webbing in both polyester and nylon constructions. We also offer flame retardant finishes and water repellent treatments that bring added value to our fall protection offerings.

Fall Restraint WorkersAlthough quality remains our number one priority, design and innovation are the hallmarks of the company. Many of our fall protection customers come to us to develop harness webbing that can be recognized as uniquely theirs. Sometimes this involves weaving a pattern into the harness-web to help with branding or adding a reflective element for higher visibility and greater safety on the job site. Murdock also has variable width weaving capabilities which allow our customers a unique opportunity to customize their harness assemblies. By having narrow sections for the hardware attachment points and then wide sections to provide more comfort, all in one continuous piece of webbing,
the end user can enjoy a more comfortable harness while the manufacturer enjoys cost savings during assembly by eliminating sewing steps.