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Our Leadership Team


Don A. DeAngelis, Wayne Boisvert, Greg Pilgrim, Peter Cook, Richard Lasorsa

Don A. DeAngelis - President
Greg Pilgrim - CEO
Peter Cook - VP of Sales
Wayne Boisvert - VP of Manufacturing
Richard Lasorsa - VP of Finance

Our leadership team brings decades of experience and a history of success in the specialty narrow fabric textile market.

Our executive officers live by a strong philosophy of promoting equality among people and ranks in the workplace. The management style here is, “the art of getting things done through people.” As a family-owned business, we consider employees as a part of the family and value each of our working individuals.

In order for this management theory to be successful, an organization must have an experienced and knowledgeable workforce performing the daily duties of the company and also a leadership team with a comprehensive long-term vision and the ability to guide that workforce. At Murdock Webbing, we are fortunate to have such a combination. Our leadership team, comprised of individuals with specific skill sets finely tuned through long careers in manufacturing, come together to create a team dedicated to our ideals; quality, innovation, professionalism, dependability, a sense of community and an unwavering drive for continuous improvement.

We constantly re-evaluate how we approach our manufacturing processes, with the assistance and dedication of our entire workforce. We are well situated to provide textile solutions to our growing customer base with our sights on the future.